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Moin from Hamburg!

And a very warm welcome to our first ALBIS #AHOY! newsletter. We hope you will find it informative and useful. We have tried to put together articles that reflect current issues and will be of interest to our customers and business partners and we welcome any feedback on topics you might want to see included in future editions. We plan to produce “ALBIS Ahoy!” 2 times a year.

The name “Ahoy!” is of course a nautical expression being a seaman’s greeting and we think it fits well for ALBIS as we have our headquarters in the busy port city of Hamburg, with its proud Hanseatic heritage.

Enjoy reading and please let us have your feedback on anything you would like us to include in future editions.

Ian Mills
Chief Sales Officer
On behalf of your ALBIS team


Our plastics world continues to develop dynamically and we have tried to address some of the key issues of 2018 in this edition whether it be the challenges of supply faced in the PA66 market and why, along with the outlook for pricing developments or the many new products we are bringing to the market as well as our continued regional expansion.

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Current supply shortage of polyamide 6.6
The European market for polyamide 6.6 (PA 6.6) is in a very tense supply situation with strong market demand severely restricted by numerous supply chain issues leading to a sharp rise in market prices and shortages across the industry. What are the causes?

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Products / Portfolio

Potential Solutions to the PA66 Supply Shortage
As the plastics industry finds itself in the grip of a serious PA66 shortage, plastics processors and brand owners are facing challenges to keep the manufacturing supply chain moving. Due to its very broad polymer portfolio, ALBIS is in a strong position to offer a variety of alternatives which could provide some relief. Tony Harrison (Director, Global TSAD), takes a look at the options which could be considered for drop-in solutions (existing tools / applications) or indeed, for new projects.

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Products / Portfolio

Launch of ALCOM© MED: Tailor-made compounds for healthcare applications
Building on its expertise in the healthcare market ALBIS Plastic has introduced the ALCOM© MED range of tailor-made compounds to support a broad range of applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices and diagnostic products. These products are based on specially selected polymers to suit your application, incorporate dyes/ pigments and fillers, for example mineral, glass fibres or barium sulphate to meet the latest regulatory requirements as well as the highest individual quality standards.

You can rely on us: Questions? Our healthcare team is looking forward to discussing your project with you.

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Own Brands / Products / Portfolio

Innovative New Products from BASF
Well known for its impressive range of PA6 and PA66 products, BASF recently added a number of high performance grades to its portfolio: Find out more about Ultramid Advanced N, Ultramid Vision and Ultramid Deep Gloss here.

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Corporate / Own Brands / Engagement

Technical Compounds based on recycled Carbon Fibre: a win-win for the Customer
With the recent acquisition of WIPAG, ALBIS has further strengthened its position as a supplier of innovative technical compounds based on recycled ingredients. In the case of WIPAG products, recycled carbon fibre is deployed to achieve highly competitive lightweight solutions.

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Partners / Own Brands / Portfolio

Let there be (even more) light!
Employing its high level of development and production competence with lighting materials, ALBIS PLASTIC has been a leader in the lighting market for many years and has established itself in the Automotive and E&E sectors with light diffusing, thermally conducting, reflecting and blocking solutions of the ALCOM® brand. This market leading range is now to be extended and complimented with the MAKROLON® polycarbonate range of products for lighting applications from Covestro.

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Corporate / Innovation / Products

Product development: success through cooperation
Cost pressure, increasing regulations and specific requirements: In the development of new products up to market readiness, the comprehensive cooperation of suppliers and manufacturing companies is an essential factor. Based on our cooperation with Murrplastik Medizintechnik GmbH in the development of an application aid for the administration of Surfactant, a surface active substance in the lungs of newborn babies, we point out the critical factors of success.

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Corporate / Own Brands

New compounding capacities in the USA
ALBIS has extended its presence in the USA with the newly commissioned compounding plant situated in Duncan, South Carolina, producing ALCOM® and ALTECH® technical compounds. The newly opened production site of ALBIS PLASTICS CORPORATION, a subsidiary of ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH, has a production capacity of 15,000 tonnes per year and is certified according to IATF 16949. The plant is able to produce many of our European products including our range of recycled polyamide compounds utilizing textile fiber waste sourced locally.

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